Items In Your Home That Trigger Anxiety


Anxiety triggers can be all around us but did you know there could be some lurking inside your own home?

Therapists talking to “Reader’s Digest” say they know the items causing you potential worry.

For one, clocks could be a ticking time bomb for anxiety. Adding clocks are usually only looked at if people are on their way somewhere or if they’re running late.

If you have your ex’s clothing lying around it’s time to toss it out. Mental health professionals say items from past relationships can make you sad and anxious.

Also just glancing at a huge stack of bills could be enough to make you overwhelmed.

Plus – showers can be associated with rushing to get ready for work in the morning something that can start making you over think about what you need to get done.

Also making the list as a hidden anxiety trigger in the home include the wrong color wall, the scale in the bathroom, and pets.

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