Is Lab-Grown Meat The Next Big Thing?


Several Israeli start-up companies are now joining the “meatless meat” business in what they say is a solution to the world’s growing need for more food.

The products have titles such as “clean meat” and “synthetic steaks” and they all come from animal muscle cells grown in a lab culture, similar to stem cells.

One Israeli bioengineering professor, says lab-raised “meat” will consume less water, less land, and less energy.

Israel is becoming a leader in cultured-meat technology.

One startup, aleph farms, says it’s successfully made a “minute steak” from bovine cells.

They’re just a tenth of an inch wide and each slice of “steak” costs about $50 for now.

A California start-up also says it will also be able to make chicken, duck, and beef within the next five years.

Cultured meat done in the us will have to face fda approval.

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