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The results are in from a new study revealing how a traffic violation could affect your auto insurance.  
According to a report from Insurance Quotes, serious violations such as driving under the influence and reckless driving can understandably cause car insurance rates to spike.
But minor infractions can hurt your finances as well.
Insurance Quotes  Senior Insurance Analyst Laura Adams says, “Certainly the most dangerous moving violation in terms of what it does to your auto insurance rate is getting a DUI. We see a 94% increase on average across the United States. That’s just amazing almost doubling your rate. Reckless driving is not far behind that. We’re seeing an 84% increase for reckless driving. If you’re speeding 31 miles an hour over the limit or more than that that’s almost a 30% increase and even speeding 16 miles over the limit costs about a 28% increase so we want consumers to understand that speeding tickets really do not only have an impact on getting a ticket and the price you have to pay for that ticket but it will also impact the rate you pay for auto insurance and nobody wants to see a 30% hike in their auto insurance rate so consumers really do need to watch even minor infractions like speeding. It is going to cause an increase in their rate. 10:23
For full results of the study go to
If you recently got a moving violation, there’s a tool on the website to show you potential rate increases depending on where you live, as well. 

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