Waco, TX (FOX 44) – Customers are constantly going in and out of La Azteca Ice Cream shop for a cool treat in the hot weather.

“We love ice cream, we love popsicles, we love fruit popsicles,” said Ernesto Mendez, ice cream customer.

Coming with his family twice a week, the daily visits are welcomed by store owner Eduardo Garcia.

“You can see that they come in here sweating, drenched, so even walking around, standing outside,” said Garcia. “You can see that you need an ice cream or something refreshing to get you through the day.”

While business is going strong in record-breaking heat, inflation is also breaking records, impacting the business.

“Prices you know, just about everything,” said Garcia. “Honestly, fruit, everything we use went up.”

With the price hikes, the store has already had to increase their prices twice this year.

“Just because things are getting, you know, out of hand,” said Garcia. “I said it’s not just gas and milk. It’s everything.”

Garcia says selling products to local vendors helps cover costs and the increases were minor.

His goal is to continue making customers his number one priority.

“You get hot. It’s always good to get something cold. Something to refresh your body,” said Mendez.