Illegal Stop Leads to Drug Charges Being Dropped


We hear about drug-runners being caught on I-40 all the time.

But, we don’t often hear about those cases being dropped until now.

A California man caught with 11-pounds of methamphetamine in his car is free after a federal judge dismissed his case.

Daniel Ramos of Southern California was arrested last April during a traffic stop on I-40 West of Amarillo.

A Potter County Deputy became suspicious during the stop and received permission to search the vehicle.

That’s when he found 11-pounds of meth hidden in a spare tire and other parts of the car.

There’s no question Ramos was in possession of the drugs, the problem with the stop is why the deputy pulled him over in the first place.

The federal public defender filed a motion to suppress all the evidence seized in the case claiming the deputy had no reason to pull-over Ramos in the first place.

In court documents, Ramos’ attorneys dispute the deputy’s claim that their client made an unsafe lane change while traveling on I-40.

Dash-cam video presented in the case seems to verify that claim which allegedly shows Ramos made the lane change because the deputy was speeding in the passing lane behind him.

Attorneys for Ramos contend the deputy violated their client’s 4th amendment rights regarding illegal search and seizure.

They cite the “fruit from a poisonous tree” doctrine in their defense.

They claimed that since the initial stop was illegal anything discovered during the stop is illegally seized as well.

The judge apparently agreed.

Ramos’ attorneys also claim the deputy was traveling at a speed of 115 miles an hour in response to another traffic violation when Ramos was pulled over for the illegal lane change.

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