CENTRAL TEXAS (KXAN) — With a Winter Storm Warning in effect through early Thursday, icy conditions have cropped up throughout Central Texas, causing slick roadways and crashes along major thoroughfares, highways and local roads.

TxDOT spokesperson Brad Wheelis said crews are working around the clock to clear roads to help prevent ice and slush from re-freezing overnight. He also warned, some of these closures could have temporarily affects on the Texas supply chain.

“That can prove a problem for 18 wheelers that are trying to deliver products,” Wheelis said. “This can disrupt the supply chain for a couple of days. But we should be out of this by Friday, and everything should be turned to normal.”

Texas distributor Cisco Eagle and the Texas Fuel and Food Association told KXAN they’re already feeling the impacts of this — with accidents and closures, as well as more trucks staying off the roads altogether.

Here’s a look at some of the photos captured of the storm, from both KXAN crews and viewers.

KXAN’s First Warning Weather team forecasts temperatures will hover near to below freezing all day Tuesday, allowing anything that falls to stick.

Scattered to widespread freezing drizzle and freezing rain can be expected through the day Tuesday afternoon and evening, as well as into Wednesday. A few rain showers and thunderstorms may mix in midday Wednesday into Thursday, but the primary concern will still be the threat of icing.

By Thursday afternoon, KXAN’s meteorologists expect all precipitation to subside.

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