“I Think They’re Making Babies Back There”


(WPTV) A Florida police officer has been suspended for 20 days, without pay, for policy violations caught on camera.

An internal investigation into actions by Fort Pierce Police Officer Doug McNeal began in July 2018, after McNeal arrested a man and a woman for shoplifting.

Body camera footage first shows McNeal inside a Walmart, looking for a woman who had reportedly been abused. He eventually finds the woman sitting outside on a bench, but she denies any help McNeal offers, though her face is visibly bruised. The investigation found he cleared the call.

Ten minutes later, McNeal said he was investigating a theft in progress with the same woman and another man. He does not turn on his body camera for about another hour and a half. Once he does turn his camera back on, he’s heard with other officials questioning the man and woman about shoplifting, finding stolen jewelry and a baby toy, according to records.

He arrests them, but throughout the time the duo is in his custody, he allows them a lot of freedom.

First, he lets them smoke a cigarette before getting into the patrol car. Then, he doesn’t handcuff the man, violating policy. The two are never restrained in the back seat, and cuddle and kiss for a majority of their time in the car, while also briefly performing sex acts in the back seat.

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