Hometown Hero is Set to Serve


    Chance Field is a hometown hero.  He loves his country and he loved serving in the Navy but his commitment ended too soon.

    Years after losing the use of his legs in a tragic accident Field has more determination than ever and he’s finding new ways to serve.

    Chance Field is a mulit-sport athlete and his adventures continue to pile up.  He plays tennis, does triathlons and marathons, and lives on the edge by going sky diving.  

    He does it all.  Not bad for someone who almost died a decade ago. “I don’t remember anything, everything i know is what people told me,” says Field.  “All i remember was getting in my truck”

    Field mother, Shelley Herchman has knows exactly what happened.  She received the call shortly after the accident. “They told us to get their as soon as possible.  At the scene of the accident he was gone.”

    Medics brought him back but only gave him a five percent chance of making it.

    Chance remembers coming out of the coma and getting the news, “they said you’d never walk again.” That was the least of his worries.  Field had internal injuries including a collapsed lung and kidney and liver problems.

    “At that point they prepare you for a limited lifestyle.  They tell you you’re not going to do a lot. I didn’t really listen,” says Field.

    Not long after the injury Field realized he could do anything and that meant serving his country again. “Everybody that gets an injury and left the military, the thing they miss is be able to represent the navy again and their country again because that’s taken away from them involuntarily,” says Field. “So to be able to go to Invictus and the Warrior games is a big deal.”

    The Invictus games are next month.  Wounded service members from 15 different countries will compete in paralympic style games.  Later this summer it’s off to the Warrior games where he’ll represent the navy against the other branches.

    Field will do well. He always has.  According to Field’s mother, “nothing can stop him.”

    On Sunday May 8th, Field will join dozens of other athletes from around the world in Orlando for the opening ceremonies of the Invictus games.  It will be broadcast on ESPN 2.  Fields will then take the court to play wheelchair tennis.

    Millions could be watching and Field is hoping to share his hope to others, “Your life is just starting.  It’s not ending.  It’s just starting.  There are so many opportunities.

    When chance isn’t competing on the world stage, he’s working hard in the classroom. He hopes to graduate and become a member of the U.S. Paralympic team in four years.

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