High Plains Town Latest to Become Film-Friendly Certified Community


After a year of effort, Canadian has become verified by the Texas Film Commission as a Film Friendly Community.

“That’s kind of the main goal of it,” Shane Spencer said. “Just making production companies aware of communities that are accommodating and basically film friendly like the title.”

Spencer is the executive director of the Canadian Economic Development Corporation. He said this designation is something the leaders of Canadian felt strongly about pursuing.

“We see value in just about everything,” Spencer explained. “And so to showcase what Canadian has to offer as far as backdrops, city, small town life, ranches, and accessible property, it certainly lends itself to many different projects that people would want to shoot here.”

The process was tedious but worth the effort.

“Step one, is you have to go to a film-friendly presentation that they put on, and they put them on all over the state. So, that one is pretty simple.” Spencer started. “The second one, is filling out your filming guidelines that have to be approved on a city level, or whatever level you are working in. And I believe, the third one, is making sure that film friendly Texas has all the photos of all the places to shoot that are available.”

Spencer and the CEDC hope the designation will not only bring Canadian recognition but extra revenue.

“They bring a ton of people and those people are all out of their hometown, they need a place to stay, they have to eat, they need material. They need extras,” Spencer described. “So, when you have a production company come out and they’re going to spend three or four months in your town, you’ve essentially added, in our sense of the term, a big revenue boost of outside dollars coming in.”

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