Hidden History: Patrick Miller’s Take on the Importance of Black History Month


Patrick Miller wasn’t alive during the Civil Rights movement but he is making sure the stories continue to be told.

“Credit goes a long way to our elders. Sitting at the foot of our elders has provided us with the stories that have inspired us and we just hope to carry the torch into the future,” said Miller.

Patrick Miller will be one of those torch carriers.

He is heavily involved in the NAACP and the community as a whole.

Miller tells us he has been blessed to have many people to look up to throughout his journey.

“I consider myself to be extremely blessed to have the opportunity to befriend the late great Iris Lawrence, and there are several others in our community whether it is Mr. Clemon Whitaker, Mr. Floyd Anthony, Commissioner Alphonso Vaughn, David Lovejoy, Thomas Jones, Pearlene Martin, there are several people that have made tremendous impact in my life, who have influenced me, who have stuck with me since I was knee-high to a grasshopper and have just spoken life over me,” added Miller.”

The stories shared by some of the people who lived through civil rights or fought for equality are stories Miller says he will continue to share. 

“We cannot afford to forget our past because there were many lessons that were learned that can still be applied to present-day circumstances, whether it be some of the issues we have in educational inequality, criminal justice that needs to be reformed, or economic inequality that exists throughout our city, our state and our nation as a whole,” said Miller.

Miller has memorized Doctor Martin Luther King Junior’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech.

He has delivered the speech during the annual MLK March in Amarillo and says it is an honor.

“We need to ensure that people know our story, the greater American story and in order to do that, I believe people need to hear those words and be reminded of the fact that as a nation we have come a long way but there is a much longer way to go.”

Miller is a vice-president with the NAACP and says he looks forward to some of the changes he can make through them.

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