In response to recent press releases by Klein Investigations, the Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office releases the following:

The Thomas Brown case has always been considered an active criminal investigation. All investigations must be considered criminal, until enough evidence is gathered to prove they are not. Our approach and dedication to the investigation of this case has not changed or been altered. The Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Texas Rangers are currently investigating several areas of interest concerning this ongoing investigation. At this time, for the sake of maintaining the integrity of our investigation, we are not prepared to release the nature of any possible criminal charges we are investigating.

The Hemphill County Sheriff Office and Klein Investigations have, and will continue to work together in this investigation. This is based on the belief that both entities have valuable skills to offer and are ultimately pursuing the same goal of learning the truth regarding Thomas Brown’s whereabouts.

The investigative tactics employed by Private Investigators may differ greatly from those utilized by law enforcement. This should not be confused or interpreted to mean that either entity is failing to cooperate with the other, or fully investigate the incident.