Help Your Child Navigate the Virtual World


These days the line between the real and online world is more blurred than ever. The online world provides a place where kids and teens can hang out with their friends or play games, a virtual playground in many ways. As the school year gets ready to wrap up, their time online will likely only increase. This can be scary for many parents, as like the real world, there are critical thinking skills our children need to learn to stay safe and have positive experiences. Parents need to be empowered with the knowledge and skills to teach their children how to be good digital citizens who are safe and kind to others, and what to do if they come across bad behavior. Like the analog world, this partly comes down to parental advice that never gets old, like how to be kind and have empathy for others. However, navigating online does require a bit of modern know-how that can’t be found in a typical parenting guidebook, like knowing what information to keep private and how to report online bullies or harmful content.

Online safety expert Laura Higgins currently serves as the Director of Digital Civility for Roblox. Laura shares tips and advice to help parents familiarize themselves with best practices and feel empowered to create positive online experiences.

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