AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Chandra Perkins founded Storybridge in the summer of 2016.

“I’m an educator, I love reading to kids, so it really started with just that, we’ll just go and read to kids, and maybe give them a book,” Perkins explained. It soon turned into something much bigger, after she did some research.

“The number of books in the home is the number one predictor of academic success and reading scores, particularly…The reality is that two out of every three low-income families have 0 books in their home for their children, which makes sense when you think about how hard it is for a family who has limited resources to be able to feed and clothes and keep them all healthy. Having books, it’s kind of, it feels like extra,” Perkins said.

Part of the problem is the lack of access these kids have to books. That’s where Storybridge comes in.

The nonprofit provides books to about 275 kids a month here in Amarillo. They depend on donations at drop-off centers, and also monetary donations to purchase new books for the kids.

“We have these kids throughout the city who have these big dreams for themselves, just because they don’t have the family income..something big, the president, something big.”

And Perkins won’t rest until she can get to every kid in Amarillo who doesn’t have access to books.

“That’s why I can’t sit still. Because I think when we started. There were 3-year-olds out there that needed books, and then they were 4 and they still haven’t had any, and now they’re starting kindergarten…My dream is to be able to get to all of them,” she added.