CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The City of Canyon approved Plains Builders Inc. of Amarillo’s bid to construct the Kiley Hiner Memorial Playground.

The bid came in at $1,104, 164 and estimated completion for 130 days. The playground will likely be ready in May 2023.

“We started a long time ago with a dream and we needed another park and we wanted that park to be all inclusive,” said Brian Noel, Canyon Park Director. “AMBUCS came along and decided to be our partner and three years later it’s finally really going to happen it’s really a great thing for canyon and all the people who need a park.”

Southwest Amarillo AMBUCS is a non-profit that aims to help people with disabilities gain independence through mobility. They have helped build five accessible playgrounds.

During the meeting, AMBUC’s shared that over two years with the help of the community that has raised $1.2 million.

“The nice thing in Amarillo and Canyon is people are giving people and they care a lot,” said Vance Hall, Southwest Amarillo AMBUCS. “It’s not a job to get money from them, they want to give. They want to help their community and they’re very involved in their community.”

The playground will feature ramps that make it easier for those in wheelchairs to get around and a musical corner.

“It’s going to help so many kids and it’s going to take so much pressure of the park in Amarillo and the park in Canyon to work together to help so many more kids,” said Hall. “In fact it’s got a music area for the autistic children, it’s got everything handicap accessible ugh so all the special needs kids can have a great time and be with their parents.”

Unlike other playgrounds, Kiley Hiner Memorial Playground won’t just have one area that is ADA compliant but all areas will be. This way families and groups of all ages can enjoy the area.

“Mom, dad children whoever they can come and enjoy it as a family, said Noel” “So, it’s not just a park that limits people who have disabilities to one certain place. The whole park is really available for anybody and everybody.”

The Kylie Hiner Memorial Playground will be located on the Southwest Corner of Conner Park in Canyon.