AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Panhandle Gives Campaign is an annual event hosted by the Amarillo Area Foundation. It returns this year on Nov. 20 and will end on Nov. 28.

“Our goal is to raise funds, organizations from all over the Panhandle 228 actually will be participating. They all have goals and unique goals that are specific for their organization,” said Panhandle Gives Campaign Director of Marketing Broc Carter.

Carter says that each of the participating organizations and nonprofits works to strengthen the community, and he hopes the campaign helps them continue to do that needed work.

“So, we have 228 organizations that are participating this year. They all range from like animal welfare all the way through senior care. So, there’s daycares in there feeding programs, domestic violence shelters, mental health resources,” said Carter. “Then there are community centers and community funds that are doing really impactful work in their communities.”

During the 2022 campaign, the total amount raised was $8,832,377. This year’s goal is $8.9 million.

Amarillo Area Foundation President and CEO Clay Stribling said each year awareness for the campaign grows and the Texas Panhandle continues to show their generosity.

“The generosity of the Texas panhandle is just unbelievable,” said Stribling. “Building on that always seems like an insurmountable task, but every single year, this community just continues to surprise us. We’re very excited to see the energy this year.”

One of the community organizations that will be participating in the campaign is Amarillo Children’s Home.

“So, what we love about the Panhandle Gives Campaign is it gives an opportunity for our donors to get involved and support us. But their gift is amplified by the Amarillo Area Foundation,” said Amarillo Children’s Home Executive Director John Forbis. “So, what they would donate goes even farther towards us fulfilling our mission.”

Carter explained the amplification fund and how it helps panhandle organizations receive more funding.

“So, the amplification fund was created by the sponsor. So, when you go on the page, and you see the sponsors there, their sponsorship pays for that amplification fund. Every gift that’s given during the Panhandle Gives amplified thanks to the sponsors,” said Carter. The amplification fund is really administered to add extra dollars at the end of the campaign based on the percentage of funds that each organization raises.”

Various communities experienced devastation from natural disasters this year and non-profits that continue to help rebuild those communities are also participating.

“The communities that have been hit so hard by the natural disasters, obviously are putting a lot of effort into this,” said Stribling. ‘I know that those residents too, are looking for another way to amplify their gifts by giving during this period of time to really drive home the message that the fact that we’re six months away from the tornado doesn’t mean that we’re done.”

Stribling continued, “people still need roofs, people still need to fix the schools, people still need to fix the businesses, there’s still a lot out there. These residents of these communities are going to make that point very clear. I’m really excited about what those communities are going to be able to do during the campaign.”

Forbis said that the funding Amarillo Children’s Home receives goes to help the organization in many ways. The first is the staff and providing them with the needed tools for them to best meet the needs of the children, the funding will also help the children.

“Our kids want to have the experiences that high school students have, to have a prom and to go to games and do the things that kids their age do. And so, this money goes towards providing those experiences,” said Forbis.

Forbis added that money that is funded will also go towards the safety and security of the homes on campus to make sure they are meeting the children’s needs.

To find out more on how you can donate to the campaign, you can visit their website here.

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