AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Mayors of Pampa and Borger made the Salvation Army “Red Kettle Campaign” a little competitive this past year. Mayors from both cities decided to have a Ring-Off to see who can raise the most money during the campaign. The loser of the Ring Off had to take a picture with the winning city’s mascot.

The competition began when the Salvation Army of Pampa reached out to the Mayor of Pampa Lance DeFever and the Mayor of Borger Karen Felker, to see if they would like to have a Ring-Off. The cities announced on their Facebook that Pampa raised more than 11 thousand dollars and won the Ring-Off.

“We had six nights at Walmart with the different city departments. We also had, the Salvation Army had an app that people can go on, we published that in the paper and on Facebook and so forth, where people can donate through that., Mayor DeFever said. “Then, of course, I had a lot of friends in Pampa that just wanted to support it. So, they would write a check to the Salvation Army with the specific in the memo that it be used for the mayor’s challenge.”

Although Borger did lose the competition, they still managed to raise over 8 thousand dollars for their local Salvation Army. Mayor Felker made a Facebook post where she stated that she should have rallied a little harder, but it was a fun experience and a great cause for the community.

“It was over 20 thousand dollars, well over 20 thousand dollars for both communities. Which was a great benefit to each communities Salvation Army. It helped them do a lot of stuff for the kids for Christmas,” Mayor DeFever added.

Mayor DeFever said that when he has presented with the opportunity to do the competition, he was excited to do it because of the impact it could possibly have for not only Pampa but Borger as well.

“They said it made a huge difference in what they were able to raise for the Christmas season and the number of people they were able to help with the Christmas season. In my opinion, it’s been a phenomenal thing for both communities, and in a situation like this I think both communities are winners,” he said.

Since the city of Borger lost Mayor Felker kept her promise and took a picture with the Pampa Harvester. The City of Borger’s Facebook page posted the photo of Mayor Felker and Harvester where she said she is no sore loser. Of course, Mayor Felker still had to show city pride by wearing a Borger Bulldog shirt when she met the Harvester.

You can see the Facebook post here.