AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Mission 2540 is a local nonprofit that began in 2005 aiming to help children, living in low-income Multi-housing communities.

“I started in 2005, I just felt called to do stuff with kids in need. Working with some friends and business owners that I knew. We just established a nonprofit and started raising money. And going out and looking at apartments and finding places that will have us and want us to help and be a part of the lives of some kids,” said the founder of Mission 2045 Brooks Boyett.

Boyett said that the children can do activities with other children that also live in the complex. He added that Mission 2540 has provided children with school supplies and Christmas gifts, and more.

“What we do is, for one we provide them just positive role models that show up every week. We let the kids know that they matter, that they are important. We are providing them that, we are providing them fun,” said Boyett. “So really what we’re just trying to provide something positive and encouraging for kids and their families.”

Boyett said one of the most rewarding parts of Mission 2540 is watching the kids grow up and make a positive impact.

“One of my assistants that works for me, leads a lot of these after-school programs. She does a lot of the work. She was one of our kids when we first started, so I’ve watched her grow up and become married, and she’s got three kids,” said Boyett. “I got another young man; I’m going to do his wedding in May. He’s graduating from college and getting married shortly after.”

Boyett talked more about the response he has received from the children.

“We’re in 10 different apartment communities right now. So, we’re in 10 all throughout Amarillo, North Amarillo, East Amarillo, and South Amarillo. In every one of them what we find once we start after a few weeks they are waiting on us after school to get there. said, Boyett. Because they just have a good time. So, it builds some community. They make new friends; they find out there are other kids that live around them that are a lot of fun. So, I think it’s a pretty positive impact.”

You can find out more about Mission 2540 here.

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