AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Vessel of Humanity and Compassion kicked off its 8th annual “Spring Break Lunch Program” on Sunday. This program provides lunch to thousands of kids during spring break.

It kicked off with a “Sunday Funday” at the Bones Hooks Park and was hosted by “Shi Lee’s BBQ and Soul Food.”

The children were able to enjoy lunch from “Shi Lee’s BBQ and Soul Food,” horseback riding, and games.

Founder of The Vessel of Humanity and Compassion Tremaine Brown said this program all began when he used to take his daughter to the park and feed her and other children there.

“Now it has grown into a huge and beautiful thing every year we serve thousands of lunches all over the city. With the help of Family Support Services and other community volunteers. We are able to touchdown on 10 to 12 neighborhood parks or school parks every single day and serve lunches,” said Brown.

Brown said that he saw a need in Amarillo and the lunch program is a way to help the community.

“Even before the pandemic, there was an epidemic of child hunger. And one of the things that I focus on is any opportunity I can take to feed children then that is a great opportunity,” said Brown.

Throughout the year Brown continues to give back to the community, rather it is through the lunch program, providing coats or school supplies to children, or offering dinner boxes to families during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“Amarillo has supported my restaurant for thirteen years now. So, you know I should be giving back, and I would hope that the things that I do become contagious,” said Brown. “And more and more people will give back and feedback to their community. And into our youth, the children are our future and we got to take care of them.”

Brown added that while giving back to the community not only is he building a stronger community, but he is also creating memories.

“My favorite part of all the events is being able to watch the kids have a good time. Help pack lunches, and help kids size coats. Help kids pick their favorite backpacks. Get a hug from a kid, it’s priceless,” said Brown.

The organization will be passing out lunches to children for eight days all over Amarillo. Lunches will get passed out at Bones Hooks Park, Eastridge, and many other locations. Brown added that the community can stay updated on the locations and times that the is a lunch program on the ‘Shi Lee’s BQQ and Soul Food’ Facebook.

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