AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Sunday is Christmas and it is celebrated differently by everyone. While foster children are going through hardships, a few local foster centers find it important to still bring the Holiday spirit to the children.

Amarillo Children’s Home community engagement assistant director, Katherine Stribling, said a mission at their center is to bring a sense of normalcy to the children.

“We want them to have a wonderful Christmas around the Christmas tree, just like your family would. So, they fill out a Christmas wish, and wish list and we work on filling those wishes,” Stribling said. “We had probably a dozen people work on angel trees, stockings and filling specific wishes that is just amazing. It’s like watching the real magic come to life.”

At ACH the children begin Christmas morning by opening all the presents they received. The children and foster parents will then attend church service followed by a Christmas dinner. Stribling added that with the hardships that the children are currently facing it is important for them to experience Christmas like every other child.

“Sometimes they had to grow up a little too fast. So, we put the brakes on that grow up and go back to the childhood, and open Christmas presents, have Christmas morning, just like everybody else does. Because normalization is a really big part of getting them back to who they are and finding their center,” Stribling said.

The Bair Foundation foster parent recruiter, Holly Sieving, talked about the process behind making Christmas special for the children.

“I think we reached out to our sponsors probably October, September. We were like hey we were just touching bases, what can we do this year, can you guys help us at all. They were like oh yeah absolutely, and then we as Bair we send out wish list to our case workers,” Sieving said. “Each kid fills it out and we try to out hardest to knock out two of what’s on their wish list.”

Sieving said that the Bair Foundation and foster parents do everything they can to make the children feel safe and loved, not only during Christmas but every day.

Stribling said that Christmas day for the children was made possible for the kids through all the support and donations from the community. She talked about one donor that went above and beyond for the children this year.

“We had one donor that who started out saying she wanted to do the stocking wishes. She said well I am just going to do an amazing job at stockings and knock it out. So, we sent her a wish list and on the wish list had stocking ideas,” Stribling said. “She said I am looking at these wish list and I can’t stop at stockings and so she just kept going. She fulfilled every wish on every list, so, that’s how the community comes together.

If you would like to donate you can visit The Bair Foundation and Amarillo Children’s Home websites.