AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Amarillo resident, Tessa Slaydon, knows all too well what it is like to be deeply impacted by a hurricane.

“If you can just imagine being in a place where there’s no electricity for weeks at a time, if you do have water, the water is not clean so you need clean water to drink and bathe and wash your clothes in,” Slaydon explained.

“I was born and raised in Louisiana, so we know what it’s like to be without power for three or four weeks at a time,” Slaydon said. “We moved to Amarillo to make Amarillo our home, but we have lots of friends and families that we know down there that we’re going to help.”

Slaydon, who is also the president of Legacy Support-works, a residential and commercial foundation company, is currently gathering donations from the Amarillo communities.

“A week ago is when Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana, right at Lake Charles– straight north of there,” Slaydon said. “So we’ve been collecting donations since this weekend trying to get as much as we can, contacted people in Louisiana and asked them what they need.”

Due to the pandemic, Slaydon said some essential items have been hard to come by.

“Even something like small air condition units box fans, you know, there’s limited quantities around town because of COVID,” Slaydon added.

Once Slaydon does gather the donations, she and a handful of volunteers will drive to the Lake Charles-area to deliver them.

“We’re going to rent a 28 foot U-Haul truck and we’re going to fill it to the brim,” Slaydon said. “We have a couple of drop-off locations in little communities that are north of Lake Charles some of them are fire stations some of them of schools where people congregate there.”

Slaydon said they are in need of five-gallon gas cans with or without fuel, cleaning products, first aid supplies. They will be collecting these items up until Thursday evening before they head out to Lake Charles Friday morning.

You can drop-off these donations at 5814 Tradewind St Amarillo, TX 79118.