Heart of the High Plains

Heart of the High Plains: The Journey to Change

Patsy's Place is a Christ-centered transitional home for women who have been incarcerated. Amber Albright has spent the last 12 months at Patsy's Place. She graduates this Sunday. "I was tired of living the way I was living and I knew I needed a big change and so I heard about Patsy's Place while I was in jail and I applied and I got accepted and God is a big part of my life but I needed growth, I needed spiritual change in my life and I was accepted here," Albright said. 

Ersela Demerson, Patsy's Place Program Director said, "she would call just about every day or every week and long story short, she hung up on me one day, I made her mad and I told her look this is not my first rodeo, and she did not like that. And so she hung up on me and so when she finally got here, I was like I am not going to have it. But I just love her. I've loved watching her grow, I love how she has become more aware of who she is and who she is in God. The transformation that's taken place in her, it's beautiful."

Going through the program is not an easy journey. 

"You know there's a lot of uncertainty, there's a lot of things that you're facing for the first time sober and you don't get to numb those feelings and so that's when you really rely on God for those uncertainties," Albright said.

Patsy's Place is under the umbrella of Sharing Hope Ministry. The organization is hosting its fundraiser, "Hope Fest." 

The Hope Fest banquet will be on March 28 at the Amarillo Civic Center. Dinner is included. Jud Wilhite is the guest speaker and women from Patsy's Place will be there to tell their stories. Tickets can be purchased online

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