AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —For four years now, Storybridge has continually increased the number of books they’re putting in area children’s hands.

“The power of even one book to a kid is tangible, you can see it on their face,” said Chandra Perkins, Storybridge Director.

The mission of Storybridge is pretty cut and dry.

“We basically collect, purchase, sort and re-distribute children’s books in an effort to make sure all kids have a little book library in their home after finding out how important that is to our kids academic success,” said Perkins.

The proof is in the numbers.

“Even a child who grows up with just 20 books in their home, on average, achieves three more years of education than a child that does not grow up with books in their home. Three more years! You’re talking about the difference between not graduating high school and getting an associates degree. That’s a huge life difference,” said Perkins.

Perkins and the rest of the team at Storybridge are making it all happen through a number of ways, such as book fairs at area schools.

“I explain it to people, it’s almost like Christmas morning every three weeks. When we get to go to another school and we just re-experience the magic of a kid picking up their own book. That look on their face every time is just so powerful,” said Perkins.

Public donations are also important for Storybridge.

“These generous families are kind of waking up to, wait a second, there are kids in my city that don’t have a single book in their room. I’ve got plenty of extra, so we collect donations and then we purchase some too,” said Perkins.

They’ve got big goals in mind for the future.

“My five year, 10 year vision for Amarillo is that every single kid has access to this service. So as Storybridge grows, we are adding more children to that list. This work and this trajectory for progress for our kids that deserve it, keeps us working, keeps us dreaming,” said Perkins.

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