Heart of the High Plains: Lone Star Ballet

Heart of the High Plains

“It’s very special to me. It’s part of my breathing, in and out,” said Vicky McLean, Lone Star Ballet Artistic & Academy Director

McLean has been a lifelong dancer, starting out when she was just three years old. After talking to her, you’ll find out that she loves every single aspect about it.

“I love the dancers. I love the staff. It’s great fun, I love the building. Every time I come to work, it’s an exciting time to come. It’s not work, it’s a joy,” said McLean.

Since taking over the director position in 2007, McLean has overseen hundreds and hundreds of performances. One of the greatest joys for McLean, is something that maybe not everybody sees. The hours and hours of preparation that goes into a series of performances.

“We bring so much joy to so many people, that’s the whole thing, about life is what you can give away to people that come and appreciate the work that you’re doing,” said McLean.

Entering her twelfth year with the ballet, Jillian Howell describes the culmination of all their hard work as magical.

“You see the sets and you see the costumes and everything and everybody together. It really is like a sense of magic. It’s so cool to be able to see everything fall into place at the exact right moment and then to be able to show it to everybody,” said Howell.

Boyd Burch is entering his fifteenth season with the ballet and takes great pride in serving as a mentor to the younger generation of dancers in the group.

“I know growing up, I had a lot of inspiration from our older dancers and now we’re those older dancers so getting to pass on traditions and things is probably one of the best things we can do as dancers,” said Burch.

As far as what the future holds for the Lone Star Ballet

“Lone Star Ballet has a wonderful future because we have so many incredible young dancers as well, all ages. So each year, it just stays beautiful and vibrant and exciting and I feel lucky,” said McLean.

For more information on Lone Star Ballet and performance times: https://lonestarballet.org/performances-tickets/

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