Heart of the High Plains: Laura W. Bush Institute prepares to host ‘Power of the Purse’ fundraiser

Heart of the High Plains

The Laura W. Bush Institute is set to host their 12th annual Power of the Purse fundraiser.

The popular event is quickly approaching and set to provide powerful speakers, strong messages, and opportunities to network for its’ attendees.

Both men and women are invited and encouraged to attend.

“We have an audience of men and women who attend because our messages are so strong and our speakers are generally so good. And if men are smart, they buy purses for the people that they love in their family while they’re there, and they go home as heroes. So it works out really well for everyone,” said Angela Knapp, Senior Director at Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health.

This year’s Power of the Purse fundraiser includes a purse auction, luncheon, and guest speaker, Dr. Jennifer Ashton.

“She is the wife of someone who took his life from suicide. And so she’s raising her family with those obstacles in place, but she also was right smack dab in the middle of COVID in New York City through the entire pandemic. And so, she has a new outlook on life,” said Knapp.

The Institute, itself, holds a strong focus on Sex and Gender Medicine Research for both men and women. Knapps explained, “So that they are treated individually in their doctor’s office and getting personalized medicine, and that enables, especially women, to take care of themselves, and then go home and take better care of their families.”

Additionally, the Laura W. Bush Institute has Sex and Gender Curriculum that is used nationwide. According to Knapp, Health Sciences Centers are using the curriculum so that they can train medical students and help promote sex and gender in the world of practicing healthcare providers.

The Institute also believes in community outreach. When asked why, Knapps answered, “Because if we’re not telling the community that you matter, and you need to take care of your health, so that you can then in turn take care of your families, then we’re not getting our message out.”

With the Institute hosting fundraisers like this for more than a decade now, they have done a great job helping raise funds and showing their committment to the community.

“We have done a very, very good job. And over that span of time, we have raised I think it’s almost three and a half million dollars.. that we are then turning back around and we are benefiting programs and departments at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, and we are giving back to some of the nonprofits in Amarillo, especially the ones that focus on health. And we’re just making a difference and it feels good. I think that our donors and our supporters, and our volunteers love being a part of it, because they’re a part of what we’re accomplishing in the Amarillo area.”

There are 3 Co-Chairs for Power of the Purse: KAMR Local Four’s very own Brandy Sanchez, Tawn Burress, and Dr. Shauna Thornhill.

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