AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — “We serve 15,000 kids a year through our programs dating back all the way to 1945. I just think there would be a big void if this program wasn’t here,” said Jimmy Lackey, Kids Inc. President and CEO.

That’s no exaggeration right there from Lackey, just listen to all the sports that they offer.

“We do basketball for boys and girls, indoor soccer, tennis, track, tee-ball, coach-pitch softball. Flag football both in the fall and spring. Three rounds of volleyball, spring and two in the fall, tackle football. Outdoor soccer both in the fall and spring,” said Lackey.

It’s not just for the kids.

“We also have adult leagues that play in our indoor soccer arena year-round too. So we have something for everybody,” said Lackey.

For 75 years now, Kids Inc. has offered almost every program under the sun for kids of all ages. It was all started by Cal Farley and Bus Dugger back in 1945.

“Mr. Farley and Mr. Dugger saw a need during wartime to start a youth program in southeast Amarillo when a lot of dads were in the military. Moms needed help with some rambunctious kids, provide an outlet for them to get started. I don’t think they had any idea it would ever grow to the size that it is today,” said Lackey.

One of the families that hass been impacted has been the Tucker Family. All three of the kids participated in the program.

“Sports again, is a very big part of the Tucker life, so having our kids to have the ability for us to coach young kids. We moved to Amarillo, when you got to meet kids from different schools, it was just an opportunity that I think sports and kids and just bringing the community together is amazing,” said Stephanie Tucker.

It forges relationships with those that may need it most.

“There’s a lot of kids whose parents are extremely busy or maybe they don’t have a parent. Anytime an adult has an opportunity to work with a group of kiddos, they’ve got an opportunity to establish a relationship with that kid for the rest of their life,” said Lackey.

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