AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — It’s cheffin’ time at the Hilltop Senior Citizens Center.

“Monday, Wednesday, Friday, we cook a whole meal, just like what mama would cook,” said Warren Coble, Executive Director of the Hilltop Senior Citizens Center. “Meat loaf, briskets and things like this. Mr. Maxwell, who’s standing behind me, and Douglas Murkeldove, they do some barbecuing for us briskets and things like that.”

Coble and several volunteers are hard at work several days a week preparing meals for the community, and there’s only one rule to get a serving.

“The qualification is to be hungry, that’s it. We feed about 20 people in house, and we deliver about 38 meals in the community,” he explained.

They deliver to seniors over sixty in a significant part of North Amarillo and downtown, and they’ll be delivering thanksgiving meals again this year, just like they have the past three decades.

“This will be our 34th year, and so it’ll be November the 19th, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and it starts at 11 o’clock. We’re here to three 330 and one of the police, law enforcement fraternities, they do most of the serving. In fact, they’re doing most of the donating of the food also,” he noted.

But cooking up hot meals for those in need is only part of service at Hilltop.

“We do wellness checks. Also, from time to time, we’ve had three people who didn’t respond and answer the doors, but we know they were supposed to be there. But we come up with a little packet that we give them and they stick it to the refrigerator. And once the paramedics got inside, they had that little packet we gave them they knew who to call, they knew the medicines and all of that,” he recalled.

Coble told us serving comes second nature for him, because he was raised in community service.

“I always go back to mom and dad, I have to mom and dad. We weren’t rich by means we were poor people. But mom and dad had this unique gift of just loving people sharing and caring things like that. I love working with people. But the main thing is just doing what god the gift that he’s given me,” he said.

For more information on the Hilltop Senior Citizens Center, including how to get a meal, click here, or call 806-376-9511