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Heart of the High Plains

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Since 2016, Colorful Closets has made it their mission of making sure area students in need are dressed and ready for success.

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” said Keely Brown, Colorful Closets Co-Executive Director & Founder.

That fun that Brown is talking about is putting together clothes and outfits for Canyon and Amarillo ISD students that are in need of them.

It all begins with school counselors contacting Colorful Closets and filling out an order form.

“Lindsey and I receive those orders and just put together the wardrobes. We put together capsule wardrobes for these kiddos. They get 10 tops and five bottoms. It’s really how we all should dress. It’s so simple and fun and stylish, age appropriate, current style and then we send it all off to the cleaners and it’s cleaned,” said Brown.

Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director Lindsey Wing says finding the right way to put everything together has been a learning process.

“In the beginning, we wanted to go into these schools carrying our bag and we were going to style this student and just really pour into them and noticing that’s probably not the best way to do that. We started pouring in to the counselors and advocates. So we get to be somebody that they can depend on, rely on and they don’t have to worry about clothing needs,” said Wing.

One of the most important messages that Wing and Brown want to get across is that these outfits aren’t just thrown together and sent out.

They’re put together with care and respect to the student that’s receiving them.

”It’s thoughtful, we pray about these students. They are thought about and we just want when they see those clothes in that bag to feel important. Their confidence goes up,” said Wing.

“Sometimes we receive special requests like hey she only really likes the color gray or black or she would never be caught dead in a dress and we really take that seriously, as if we were their stylists. We get to style this student,” said Brown.

Brown and Wing say that changing their mindsets can make all the difference in the world.

“This is something that we’re going to continue to strive for, the quality of the clothing that they are receiving and just the way we want them to feel when they receive this bag,” said Wing.

“Their perspective. Just the perspective that old-school thought of well if they’re struggling and they’re in need, they’ll wear everything. We do not have that mindset. We want these children to feel no different than anybody else. We’re no better than anybody else,” said Brown.

Along with the clothing items, Colorful Closets also tops off each student’s bag of clothes with full-size toiletries, brand new socks and underwear.

They’ll have their annual “Beyond the Gray” fashion show coming up on November 11th.

For more information on that event and how you can attend, click here.

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