AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The local Boy Scouts Golden Spread Council is all about positivity, family, and teaching troops community service.

Whether it’s learning life skills like camping, first aid, or even building their own rockets, these troops are well-prepared for anything life throws at them.

For Michael Lopez, spreading a message of positivity and love is why he joined Boy Scouts.

“I was at an eagle court of honor where, you know, somebody achieved the rank of eagle,” said Lopez, a Senior District Executive for the Boy Scouts Golden Spread Council Golden Eagle District. “I saw some of the leaders that weren’t related to these kids. How emotional they became and the crying and the pinning of the mentor badges. It was beautiful, and all I could think to myself is, ‘I want to spread that around the world.'” 

He told that the troop is all about doing fun, engaging activities while providing valuable service to the community.

“We’re about to have our fifth annual space derby on April 20. Not only do they learn about the parts of a rocket and what makes it fly, they get to have fun because they get to actually stomp it. So, they learn a little bit about trajectory,” he said.

It’s all a part of the Boy Scouts’ overall mission.

“To create well-developed youth that are civically minded. They learn to have fun while bettering themselves in their community,” Lopez explained.

Lopez said the local troop is comprised of 2,007 scouts and also has troops for girls. Another cool thing, you can soar to new levels.

“We had a helicopter land during the event. and they stuck around and the kids got to get in the helicopter and check it out. We’ve had the Texas Warbird Flight Club come out and do flyovers and same thing they’ve landed and the kids get to check out the airplanes,” he told

Lopez said he’s also forming a scout troop for autistic children.

“Every family deserves an opportunity to race a pool noodle boat, camp in a tent, make a rocket, right? We want to create a safe and comfortable space for children on the autism spectrum to be able to participate in scouting at a pace that’s accommodating to their tempo,” he said.

Spreading love and positivity in a world that truly needs it.

If you’d like to sign up for the local Boy Scouts troop, you can go by their office at 401 Tascosa Road, call 806-358-6500, or click here.

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