Heart of the High Plains: ACTS Community Services

Heart of the High Plains

“It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life,” said Chad Conner, Acts Community Services Executive Director and Founder.

Conner describes the feeling he gets knowing that his non-profit Acts, that specifically helps out the San Jacinto neighborhood in Amarillo, has had on him.

“There are a lot of non profits and they all help everybody and that’s great but I wanted to see what would happen if we got a little more specific and we had a narrower focus. I wanted to find out if we can change people’s lives on a deeper level. What it does is it allows us to build relationships, deep relationships with people in the neighborhood and encourage them and help them to find work and help in whatever capacity that we can,” said Conner.

Conner explains just exactly what all him and his team do to help out those in need.

“That entails food, we help with hygiene, we have cooking classes, we serve meals to the senior citizens and the kids, we have summer programs, we have a community garden. We’ve now painted 37 houses in the neighborhood,” said Conner.

Part of the food aspect that Conner mentions is serving a meal for those residents Monday through Friday throughout the year.

“When hunger is an issue, you can’t do anything else. So for us to be able to provide a hot meal every single day and meet that very basic need of nutrition just so that they can be healthy enough to walk down and fill out an application if that’s what they need to do,” said Conner.

Uvonne George is one of the hundreds of people that’s been helped out by Acts.

“I have a husband that’s handicapped and I take care of him and of course I have some physical problems but when I can I like to come up and enjoy the fellowship up here,” said George.

Others say they can’t imagine what it would be like without it.

“A lot of hungry people running around for one and lost period. I know it’s helped me out a lot so far,” said Ronald Martin, San Jacinto resident.

“We’re starting to see people go, it doesn’t have to be the way that it’s been. Our goal is just to continue to try and be a catalyst in the neighborhood to inspire people to do better, to be better, to go and do more, to help more people,” said Conner.

For more on ACTS, you can click here: https://www.actscommunity.org/

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