AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — 7-Star Horse Therapy’s name says it all. Utilizing horses to make bodies stronger, and strengthen hearts and determination along the way.

One of their longest tenured clients, Tahlie Brandt, is a rock star.

“I do track and field, outside of school, track and field, swimming and triathlons, like 5k’s,” she said.

That’s not something you’d expect to hear from someone with spina bifida.

She’s an active young lady, with more than 70 medals in various sports, it all started here when she was three years old.

“It helps with my posture, it helps my legs get stronger,” Brandt said.

She’s 15 now, and says her favorite part of coming to therapy every week, “riding the horses, leading on my own, everything about it,” she said excitedly.

As much fun as Brandt has riding the horses, that’s only part of 7-Star’s mission.

“Therapeutic riding helps in developing a lot of core strength,” said Michelle Green, Executive Director of 7-Star Horse Therapy. “We do exercises on their limbs and their arms and legs. It also helps development in some of the brain activity.”

7-Star opened for business in 2004, with clients ranging from young children to adults.

Green says the best part of the job, is watching their success.

“A couple of individuals that were using walkers, and they had to quit using them, because they didn’t need them,” Green told KAMR.

As for the horses?

“Most of them are secondhand so they’ve had a life before they come here. We’re very picky about the horses that we get,” Green emphasized.

Demand at 7-Star is skyrocketing, unfortunately, the number of volunteers is not.

“We have to have at least six individuals for each session right now, and we’re having trouble coming up with some volunteers,” Green said.

Hopefully, more volunteers saddle up, so more people like Brandt, can keep on rocking.

“I love it, it makes me feel better,” Brandt said.

In order for seven star to sustain their mission, it takes donations and fundraising.

Up next for 7-Star, they’re having a barn dance at the Piehl Barn on April 30th from 6 p-m to 11 p-m.

For more information on how you can participate in the Barn Dance, click here.