AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — A cancer diagnosis is a tough reality for many people on the High Plains….but how do you move forward?

24 hours In The Canyon Survivorship Center serves to help cancer survivors progress in all aspects of life using a variety of methods, including the Palo Duro Canyon.

Carol Duncan’s life turned upside down a little over two years ago.

“I was diagnosed in January 2020 with breast cancer,” she said.

Followed by treatment after treatment.

“I did three months of one chemo, to help shrink the tumor before surgery, and it grew. So we changed the chemo cocktail, and did another three months of that, had surgery,” she explained. “There was still a lot of live cells in that tumor, so i did another six months of chemo after the surgery, then did radiation.”

A little over a year later, “I rang the bell on April 24 of 2021,” she said excitedly.


A big part of her it? The 24 hours In The Canyon Survivorship Center.

“We focus on wellness, we focus on the entire cancer survivor,” said Ryan Parnell, Director of 24 Hours In The Canyon Survivorship Center. “We look at emotional wellness, we look at physical wellness.”

How do they do it?

By using a variety of methods as big as a canyon.

“Counseling sessions, we do that by having wellness classes, group activities, lots of fun activities, we do too, that we call mini-vacations, mental escapes,” he said.

Their main activity is the 24-hour bicycle ride in Palo Duro Canyon.

“If you ride a bike, if you have a bike, you can do it. We have competitive and non-competitive options,” he explained.

The ride is the biggest fundraiser for the center, bringing in $330,000 last year.

“Every dollar goes to helping local cancer survivors,” he emphasized.

Survivors just like Carol, who said the support, “it’s overwhelming, it is,” she said. “Because so many people are there for you, to prod you along, to encourage you.”