The Amarillo Fire Department has new chief running the station and he’s only two years old.

But don’t worry, it’s only for a day and it’s for a great reason.

From Caprock Captain to “Fire Chief for a Day,” you could say Reeve Melugin has an impressive resume already in the works. 

“It’s been pretty amazing, you know the Amarillo Fire Department and the Tatum Tough Foundation partnered together in order to make Reeve the Fire Chief for the Day.  And we have really just seen how good people are, really throughout the past year, but these last couple of weeks have been amazing. From Caprock in the way they treated us there, to the way the Fire Department hosted us today, it’s pretty overwhelming,” said Jordan Melugin, Dad.

Reeve and his tribe is the first family under this new program to receive this honor and he won’t be the last. 

“What we’re doing is we’re bringing one family per quarter into our family, the fire department and we’re making them part of our family. And giving them full access, full reign of the fire department and just trying to bless them with a stress-free, fun, memorable day, that not every kid gets to experience,” said Captain Kyle Joy, Amarillo Fire Department.  

Little Reeve got to ride the fire truck, get a tour of each station in Amarillo and was gifted with an autographed hat, signed by all the firefighters. 

“We are feeling beyond blessed right now for all the outreach from the community. These guys, the firefighters, the police officers, coaches, everybody gives their lives for kids and really sacrifices their time and we’re so thankful that they’ve taken time out of their busy day to help bless Reeve. He deserves it, he’s been a survivor and a trooper through this whole process, so we’re so thankful for it,” said Brenna Melugin, Mom. 

All this wouldn’t have been possible if various groups didn’t team up to make a difference.

Reeve and his family started their day off with a naming ceremony in the city council chambers by Amarillo Fire Chief Jeff Greenlee and will end it with a free night stay at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Amarillo. 

Last October, Reeve was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

He turns three years old next month.