AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Coffee Memorial Blood Center held its 41st annual “MASH” bash blood drive this weekend. According to Coffee Memorial Blood Center executive director, Brad Duggan, the center plans this drive after the holidays because during the holidays they tend to see a decrease in donations. Duggan added that having this blood drive allows the center to rebuild the supply needed to meet the demands of local hospitals.

“We are trying to collect over 300 hundred units during the MASH bash this year. That’s kind of the number we are looking for to get inventory back where we need it to be,” Duggan said. “We are currently on yellow on O negative so that means we need to build up the O negative inventory.”

Duggan said that the center continues to put on the blood drive year after year because of the impact that it has on Amarillo and the surrounding area.

“Coffee Memorial Blood Center services 31 counties and 29 medical facilities. We also supply blood to the helicopter and to the aircraft, the medical aircraft. So, that put us over 30 places that we actually transport our blood to,” Duggan added.

Duggan mentioned that each donation that they receive plays a big part in helping those in need.

“Whenever somebody comes in to donate for instance a whole blood you get three different products for that so you can save three lives from a whole blood donation. But also, the very important platelets that we have to get in is also something that we use, as well as plasma that we use for different products that we supply to the hospital,” Duggan said.

Coffee Memorial Blood Center ended the MASH bash blood drive this weekend with a total of 239 units. The center will be hosting a memorial drive this Tuesday for Madison Taylor Knebusch, it will be held at the center from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.

To learn more about how to donate or where to donate, visit here.