Last year, Texas teachers spent 500 dollars of their own money on supplies for their classrooms. 

It’s not required but is something many educators often do To advance learning and student success. 

The Education Foundation of Canyon ISD doesn’t want teachers to have to empty their wallets, that’s why they’re calling on the community to support these teachers. 

Christi Chase is a woman of many talents. 

Chase is the music teacher at Gene Howe Elementary.

And this year, the school board decided to give her another title: Art teacher. 

The new position came with a to-do list from the state. 

Christi Chase said, “We need the supplies in order to cover the concepts that the law expects us to do with children.” 

What didn’t come was a budget to pay for those supplies. 

Chase, turned instead, to the Education Foundation.

Applying for a grant worth $3,200 they were handing out last fall. 

“i was very excited at the possibility of getting large ticket items with outside help. The Canyon ISD Education Foundation members are some of our biggest supporters in education. They do all that they can to ensure that teachers have the resources necessary for student success.”
A grant committee has an anonymous voting process.

Meaning they look at teachers application and explanations for why they need the money but they don’t know who applied for the grant. 

Chase says she was overwhelmed to learn she was chosen. 

“It was relief ,to be honest, I know sometimes our school budgets are squeezed and stretched as much as possible, to be able to get a large lump sum from such big supporters was exhilarating.”
To Chase, the grant is more than just money it’s an opportunity, to encourage her students creativity. 

The Education Foundation for Canyon ISD is having their biggest fundraiser of the year next weekend. 

The Celebration of Excellence Benefit gala is February 10th at the WT Legacy hall at 6:30. 

Tickets are $50 but Canyon ISD employees will get a discount, 

Their tickets will only cost $30. 

The money raised will help fund the fall and spring grants given to teachers, but also scholarships for high school seniors.