Heart of the High Plains: America’s Horse in Art Show and Sale


The “America’s Horse in Art Show and Sale” at the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum celebrates the spirit of the iconic horse through Western art.

Bringing together talented Western artists, the exhibit captures the spirit of the American West and its horse, but it does something else.

The artistic interpretations vary, but the pieces of art in the America’s Horse in art show all depict the spirit and the history of the American Quarter Horse.

“The artists capture the passion they share with even their American Quarter Horse and the relationship they had there,”  Melissa Loftin, AQHA Hall of Fame & Museum Community Outreach Liaison said.  “A lot of our buyers– they obviously have an affinity for classically done art or just art in general, but they also have that passion for the American Quarter Horse.”

From very traditional oils to more of your abstract styles.

There are also sculptures of all kinds, and all of the pieces are up for sale.

“A portion of that purchase goes back to the Museum to help sustain its mission which is providing educational opportunities to help people engage with equines,”  Loftin explained.  ” When you are the leading breed registry in the world, a lot of people really turn to you to find out what is America’s horse and what does it mean for our country.”

Sharing the history of the Quarter Horse  for generations to come.

“Here locally, if you’ve ever had your child say I went to the American Quarter Horse Museum for a field trip and went on a mock pony ride, or I went to the Day of the Cowboy and I got my first experience riding an American Quarter Horse, or I had family in town, and we went to the youth art show in December– those purchases people made of art sales are helping us sustain our mission. They’re making us able to open our doors and welcome you in the community through our facility,”  Loftin said. 

An important piece of American history right here in the Panhandle

“We’re not just representing the American Quarter Horse.  We’re representing residents of the Texas Panhandle; we’re representing a lifestyle they’ve chosen to live here on the High Plains,”  Loftin said.  “In addition to that, they can be proud that this American Quarter Horse is beloved across the globe, but that this is the place AQHA has decided to call its home.”

Check out the tenth anniversary of America’s Horse in Art Show beginning this Saturday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the AQHA Hall of Fame & Museum 

The event is free and open to the public. There will be food and music,  and the artists will be on hand to talk about their pieces.

You can bid on the artwork — silent auction style.

That’s not the only time you can buy, though.

You can purchase them online on starting August 14th. 

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