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Decision Making and Naps

If you are struggling with a tough decision try taking a nap!

A new British study suggests a brief siesta may help in weighing the pros and cons of a difficult situation.

Researchers measured the brain activity of 16 people who were given a challenging task and then took a nap.

Sleep helped them process information they were not consciously aware of and improved their responses during the task. 

Childhood Accidents

Accidental injuries send thousands of children to emergency rooms each year.

But many parents fail to make changes at home to keep their kids from getting hurt again.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University tracked about 100 children treated for accidental injuries.

Most parents said they knew how to make their child’s environment safer to avoid future injuries.

But more than 40-percent did not make those changes.

Gluten Free Options

Restaurants now offer more gluten-free options than ever before but there’s a good chance some of those gluten-free dishes actually aren’t.

Researchers from Columbia University used gluten detection devices to test over 5,600 menu items from restaurants across the country.

They found nearly one-third of dishes advertised as gluten-free contained gluten.

Experts say the problem seems to be an issue of cross-contamination and not restaurants purposely tricking people.

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