Health Minute: Start A Good Habit, Lose A Bad One

Whether it's giving up smoking or eating junk food there's at least one bad habit most people would love to break or at least have made countless attempts to.

Because habits can influence our behavior, they can be leveraged for positive change but they can also hold back progress.

A great rule of thumb, however, is to replace a bad habit with a better one.

And one is often the inverse of another. Which can work in your favor. Like, eating clean is eating less junk and working out is being less sedentary.

If you're wondering how long it takes to convert a bad habit into a good one according to researchers from University College London, on average, it takes a little over two months and in some cases, even longer.

So, hang in there!

And if you're worried about falling off the wagon - be mindful of what triggers those bad habits.

You don't want to sabotage all your hard work!

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