Health Minute: Signs Of Deadly Flu


The flu vaccine is working better this season than in years past.

The CDC says this season it is nearly 60 percent effective.

Meaning if you get the flu shot you reduced the risk of having to go see the doctor because of the flu by about 60 percent.

But even with lower chances of contracting the virus children have died this year from the flu.

Perfectly healthy children can die from the flu.

There are warning signs to watch for; to help determine if your child’s flu is beginning to take a deadly turn.

Difficult breathing is a huge red flag.

Your child’s chest should move smoothly while inhaling and exhaling.

Blue fingernail beds are a sign he’s not getting enough oxygen.

Worry about a stiff neck.

That could be meningitis, a complication of the flu.

If your child feels better and then feels sick again that could spell trouble.

That’s because a secondary infection might have set in.

And this might be the most important warning sign.

If your child just isn’t acting like herself take that seriously.

Trust your gut and get your child medical care.

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