Health Minute: Hospital Garden


Hospital food can be notoriously bad.

It’s usually green jello- or something you can’t identify.

But one hospital in Indianapolis is changing the way you think about food.

When was the last time anyone had a delicious meal at a hospital?

Butat Eskanazi hospital in Indianapolis, not only do you know exactly what’s on the menu, but it tastes great too!

“One of the favorites of the employees and the visitors here is always the beet salad. They love the beet salad!”

That’s thanks to the hospital’s sky farm- a 5,000 square foot rooftop garden that is in use all year round.

“Lettuce, we have arugula, all of our mustards, radishes, carrots, green onions

All the food that’s grown in the sky farm is used by the hospital

“If we can prevent everyone from getting sick and we can make them get healthier faster when they’re sick, and that’s a huge emphasis for not just the health of our patients who are here but our community as a whole.”

That’s why the hospital system also has nutrition classes- free to anyone- that introduce participants to foods they may not have seen before- like kale or kohlrabi-  and to healthy recipes using those foods.

“Cut up our beets, now we’re going to just chop up our carrots.”

“Whatever we are making they actually get that produce to take home, and make it again at home.

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