Health Minute: Digestive Health Tips


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Digestion is key for energy, growth and cell repair.

So it’s no surprise what you eat can dramatically affect how you feel.

Keeping our digestive system healthy is crucial, because it breaks down that food so your body can absorb the nutrients it needs.

So here are some tips.

First, eat a high fiber diet, one full of whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

High fiber will keep things moving and prevent you from becoming constipated, can prevent diseases like diverticulitis and can also help you maintain a healthy weight. Now, there’s a benefit!

If you are a meat eater, choose lean meats like turkey and pork loin. If you like red meat choose one with little fat.
Lean meats are easier to digest.

Fatty foods taste delicious but they slow down the digestive process and that’s when you are more likely to feel uncomfortably full and constipated.

Now, probiotics might sound like something from a science fiction film but they are basically healthy bacteria that are found in our guts naturally and you can also find them in foods like yogurt. They help ease digestion and fight any bad bacteria we might be exposed to. They are kinda like the Batman of bacteria.

Drink lots of water, it helps dissolve fats. That and regular exercise will keep things moving smoothly.

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