Health Minute: Concentration Killers

Getting something done from start to finish can be a tough task if you’re constantly distracted.
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter may be great ways to connect with others, but social media can also cause you to disconnect, especially while at work.
One way to avoid the urge of scrolling through feeds is to do so during breaks. You can still check status updates without having to jeopardize your responsibilities.
We’ve all experienced the e-mail overload.
Work-related or not, they can sometimes keep you away from other assignments.
One solution is to set a specific time aside just to check and respond to e-mails. That way you’re not constantly checking your inbox.
Even with little to no distractions around, fatigue can make it difficult to concentrate.
Studies show not getting enough shut-eye can affect short-term memory.
If you want to get more done during the day, try getting 7-9 hours of sleep at night.
Trying to get anything done on an empty stomach is not easy.
Research shows hunger is linked to low energy levels, so avoid skipping meals at all cost.
And the more balanced your diet, the better. 

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