Health Minute: Baby Sleep Training

It’s a constant night time struggle for new parents. Do you comfort your baby when they wake up crying or let them cry it out? 
Every new parent knows sleep training a child can be a nightmare.
Still they wince at the idea of letting their little ones cry it out.
Researchers in Australia worked with 43 sets of parents who complained that their children had problems sleeping.
One third were taught to let the kids cry themselves to sleep.
Another third were asked to try a newer type of sleep training called bedtime fading.
Parents put their infant to bed closer to the time he or she usually fell asleep and could stay in the room until the child dozed off.
The last group did not receive any sleep training.
The cry-it-out group showed the greatest improvement in sleep times.
The study also found that both sleep training techniques are safe for babies in the short and long term.
And for parents worried that crying equals a stressed out baby, researchers say don’t worry: They found that babies who cry themselves to sleep show no signs of increased stress.

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