Healing Dry, Cracked Heels


(KPRC) Will Rosniak said his heels have been intensely dry and cracked since he was a teenager.

“A couple of situations where, after jogging I remove my shoes and socks and actually the cracks started bleeding. It’s an issue that just never went away,” Rosniak said.

He couldn’t deal with it anymore when he made an appointment to see dermatologist Dr. Sherry Ingraham.

She says a lot of people who walk around barefoot have this issue. Rough surfaces cause a buildup of the skin, which can be uncomfortable, and the soap you’re using probably doesn’t help.

“If we over soap our feet, if we over clean our feet, the skin barrier responds by thickening and it doesn’t shed normally. So, the skin then gets even thicker,” Ingraham explains.

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