Happiness Genes


In one of the largest studies ever published on human behavior, scientists say they have located genetic variants associated with subjective well-being how happy a person thinks or feels about his or her life.

An international team of researchers analyzed gene data from hundred of thousands of people around the world to find the genetic variants associated with our feelings of well-being, depression and neuroticism.

They found three genetic variants associated with how happy a person thinks their life is; two genes harboring variants associated with depression and eleven genes associated with neuroticism.

These genes were mainly located in the central nervous system, adrenal and pancreatic tissue.

Previous studies suggested individual differences in happiness may be linked to genetic differences and this study only finds an association it does not prove these genes are totally responsible for how happy or not happy you feel.

Further work will be needed to see if genes are the only factor involved in your overall happiness.

Findings appear in the journal “Nature.”

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