Group Plans to Extend I-27

Amarillo - For several years the Ports-to-Plains Alliance has been working to extend I-27 north of Amarillo and south of Lubbock.
Now they are working within West Texas communities to get the word out.
Michael Reeves, the president says they are talking to city councils, mayors, and other officials in towns to help gain their support.
Reeves says expanding I-27 would help keep drivers safe while traveling to places like Colorado.
"When you go from a two lane to a four lane divided than to an interstate, it certainly is a lot safer traveling. The accident rates on rural two-lane highways compared to rural four-lane divided are almost doubled on the accident rates in some places so it is a big safety factor," said Reeves.
Along with safety, Reeves says the extension would help keep
"Whether it is freight movement, warehouse or distribution, even manufacturers need to have good connectivity to get their goods to market and so what happens is they will look on a map and if you don't have good transportation they won't even look at your community," added Reeves.
Reeves says with President Elect Donald Trump's plan to increase infrastructure, they are working to talk more to lawmakers about the need for change.
"Such a huge project like this is going to take a long time but that is why it is more important to begin today to start making progress on that," said Reeves.
TxDOT says they have not seen a timeline on the extension of I-27 to the New Mexico border and expect that to not be completed in the next five to ten years. 
Which is their priority over extending I-27 North of Amarillo.

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