100% Contained: 4 Firefighters Injured Fighting #DumasComplex fire

UPDATE 5:28 P.M.:

The fire has burned 29,197 acres according to the Texas A&M Forest Service.

UPDATE 4:46 P.M.:


UPDATE 2:55 P.M.:


UPDATE 1:55 P.M.:

Texas A&M Forest Service has updated their acreage to 29,197 acres.

UPDATE 12:19 A.M. 03/07/2017 

Evacuations for this fire have now been lifted, and Highway 136 is now back open. 

That according to the Potter County Sheriff's Office. 



Incident Update: wildfire in Potter County is now 75% contained and holding at 25,000 acres.


UPDATE 9:29 P.M.

Texas A&M Forest Service has updated their acreage to 25,000 acres. It 50-percent containment. 150 homes are still being threatened.

UPDATE 6:55 P.M.

Texas A&M Forest Service has updated their acreage to 23,000 acres.

UPDATE 5:46 P.M.:

An official from the Potter County sheriff's office says people living along Bertrand and SH 136 are being mandatory evacuated right now. Fire path is currently 2 miles wide, 10 miles long.

Evacuees can go to the Lighthouse Baptist Church at Loop  335 and Pavillard.

UPDATE 5:33 P.M.

Texas A&M Forest Service has updated their acreage to 12,000 acres. It is still at 0-percent containment. 150 homes are reportedly threatened.

UPDATE 5:27 P.M.

An official from the Potter county Sheriff's Office says several cows are dead. No word yet on the amount. 

Potter County Sheriff’s Office are blocking the intersection of Bertrand and State Highway 136. They tell us they were moved by the fire department because they were too close to the fire. 

Officials report the fire nearly missed Pantex.

UPDATE 4:45 P.M.: 
Four Firefighters have been injured fighting the #DumasComplex Wildfire.

Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas reports that two firefighters are in critical condition. One firefighter has burns and the one has a fracture. 

We will have more information as it becomes available.

UPDATE 4:22 P.M.:

SH 136 North bound traffic is being turned around at FM 245

TxDOT is also shutting down traffic at FM 281 and hwy 70. And to reroute traffic in town for fires in town. 

UPDATE 4:12 P.M.: 

Texas Forest Service is reporting the #DumasComplex wildfire has burned 7,000 acres and 0-percent contained.

UPDATE 3:56 P.M.: 

Current Road Closures HWY 136 between Amarillo and Fritch and FM 293 between HWY 136 and Panhandle.

UPDATE 3:45 P.M.: 


UPDATE 3:33 P.M.: 

According to Chief Larry Davis, there are five wildfires currently in Potter County.


UPDATE 3:15 P.M.:

According to Chief Larry Davis - River Road Water reclamation plant was evacuated. No word yet on how many people were in that building. 

UPDATE 2:37 p.m.:

UPDATE 2:33 p.m.: Potter County fire units and deputies are working on extinguishing several grass fires north of Amarillo at this time. 

NORTH UH 287, Loop 335 east of Dumas Dr, north of Lakeside toward SH 136, and small other ones in different places. 

If you see a fire in an area, PLEASE avoid those areas.

There are no evacuations at this time, however please be vigilant if you live in any of these areas.


Amarillo Fire Department is reporting multiple grass fires in the area of Dumas Hwy & Cherry Ave. 

Multiple crews are on scene.

Amarillo Fire Department is asking everyone to please avoid the area.


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