Grant Approved to Build More Affordable Housing


A more than $1 million housing project received more than $500,000 in grant money.

The grant was approved by the Amarillo City Council Tuesday.

The project will build 21 new low to moderate income housing units throughout the city.

Juliana Kitten, Director of Community Development explained what the grant went towards.

“So it’s the home grant and we awarded it to provide affordable housing for low to moderate income individuals throughout the city of Amarillo,” Kitten said.

The proposal was submitted by Collins Family Properties LLC.

Colby Collins, a partner at Collins Family Properties said he feels the company is doing something special for the community. 

“I think it gives a lot of stability to young families with young children who are just struggling day in and day out and it just gives them a little bit of peace of mind to know that they have a nice home to go to,” Collins said.

They will build five single-family units and eight new duplex units.

“Probably in about two weeks we’re going to start dirt work on them so we’re going to be putting up 13 local projects. so it will be done before we know it,” Collins explained.

According to the director of community development, the home grant is expected to promote housing throughout the city of Amarillo, so that people of low to moderate income have as much choice as possible in what areas they can live in.

“Providing as much choice as possible is something we always want to do. which is one of the goals of community development…department, “Kitten said.

Kitten said there is always a need for hud housing in Amarillo and that the city has never had a problem renting the housing units out.

The exact date of the building is not set in stone kitten according to Kitten.  She said when construction does start it should take about six months to build all of the units.

Each duplex unit is expected to cost around $50,000 to build and will have three bedrooms and two bathrooms in each unit.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect a housing clarification.

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