Good Samaritans Lift Van To Save Toddler


(KARE) A Saturday on the Lake at Chippewa Park near Brandon, Minnesota for brothers Casey Skinner and Dustin Allen, was interrupted by screams.

They got out of the water, ran across the parking lot, and realized a minivan had driven over a toddler.

“The child was right in this area,” Allen said, pointing to the space behind the front driver-side tire and the wheel well. “Her head was right between here.”

“The driver was going to back up, because he didn’t even know what the heck happened. And if he would have backed up, he would have killed her. Instantly,” Skinner said.

The brothers are big, and they are strong.

“Constantly lift weights. Do a lot of deadlifting. Squatting,” said Skinner, a 17-year-old Parkers Prairie football player.

And with adrenaline pumping, they grabbed a hold of that van.

“We all got under here with our arms, in deadlift position used our back and just pulled up. Lifted up,” Skinner said.

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