WEST, Texas – Christmas Eve is here and people in West received not only “comfort and joy” but “comfort and food”, thanks to Sykora Family Ford Dealership.

Every year on Christmas Eve, Sykora opens their doors for anyone who wants a free hot pancake breakfast.

Lines of cars drove into the parking lot of Sykora Family Ford today to enjoy a free pancake and sausage breakfast.

The dealership says this is the 24th year they have done this and it grows every year.

Due to Covid-19 last year, they had to operate as a drive-thru but this year the room was full of people sitting around the tables together.

“Part of it is kind of a reunion aspect, everybody comes from the community, families come together, people travel all over to be with their families and then come here to join some Christmas spirit,” General Manager Ron Sykora said.

The Christmas spirit was definitely in full effect with Santa, his elf, Christmas music, and even an early Christmas gift for one woman whose husband works at the dealership. He surprised her with a new truck.

“We had looked at it last week and then we thought someone else had bought it. So we were supposed to get it and then I was told we weren’t getting it,” The Harris Family said.

The dealership serves over 1,000 meals each year.

“It’s great to come together, some of these people we don’t see all the time,” Attendee Selby Holder said. “They come every year we able to sit down with them and have fun and fellowship with them.”
“It’s wonderful, especially after what happened with the pandemic and we are grateful to the Sykora’s for putting this on. It really touches the heart, especially at Christmas time.” Attendee Elizabeth Vanek said.

After losing loved ones. Ron Sykora says it’s important to cherish these moments.

“This is our first year without mom, dad passed a couple years ago and mom this year. but we are going to keep doing this in their honor as well,” Ron Sykora said. “The way they held family together we want to do that for everybody we can.”