AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — A local cancer patient finished his treatment this week and celebrated by dancing the jitterbug with his wife at the hospital.

Kenneth Lindsey is 82 years old, but cancer treatment has not slowed him down. On Monday, he completed an intensive five-week treatment plan and thanked the staff at the BSA Harrington Cancer Center.

“I don’t think I could have done this in any other organization. Maybe I could have, but I know what I got here, and I know that what I got here was what I needed,” Lindsey said. “And I had multiple doctors taking care of me and reviewing what was happening, and making recommendations where they were necessary. I feel wonderful. I feel grateful.”

Lindsey and his wife Birdie danced for the staff, showing their gratitude and resilience, especially after undergoing treatment alongside other cancer patients he became close friends with.

“Jitterbug is one of the first dances I learned when I was 12 years old. My family danced,” he continued. “So I learned to dance early. Birdie danced early.”

He said staying physically active and keeping a positive attitude helped in his treatment.

“The dancing is nothing more than rhythmic exercise. So you can dance as an exercise, which also, if you’re dancing to good music makes your brain feel happy.”

Rozee Hernandez, a licensed clinical social worker at the BSA Harrington Cancer Center, said it is not always easy for their patients to complete the treatment.

“It’s amazing to see him and his wife be able to perform that,” Hernandez said. “I think, you know, our goal is always to see our patients reach this level of success with their radiation treatment, and we couldn’t just, I mean, we couldn’t be prouder of him for having completed this great journey.”

Lindsey also works as a chiropractor and said he doesn’t plan to retire any time soon. He wants to keep working for another 18 years.

“Now gratitude is my attitude of living,” Lindsey added. “You’re all invited to my retirement party. It will be in 2041 and it’ll be 100 years old at that point.”

Watch the video of Kenneth and Birdie Lindsey dancing below:

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